Georgi Holdings Co. is the parent company of Plaspros, Inc., headquartered in Woodstock, IL and established in 1967, is a custom plastic injection molder in McHenry, IL (McHenry County). The holding company, Georgi Holdings, Inc. received a $4,935,000 bond in 2002. The company consolidated facilities in Woodstock, IL, South Beloit, IL and Batesville, MS into an expanded new 75,000 sq. ft. plastic injection molding facility in McHenry, IL. The facility has 85-725 ton robotic molding machines and a computer integrated manufacturing system. The molding processes that affect quality and production are monitored and controlled by a central computer that provides increased productivity and improved quality. The Company also provides secondary assembly and packaging, hot stamping, silk screening, sonic welding, drilling and tapping. The company’s major customers include ITW, Kendall Tyco and Staywright. They primarily operate on a national level. The total project was $5,000,000 and created 140 new jobs.